Subject Verb Agreement for Pronoun I

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of writing, especially when it comes to pronouns. Pronoun «I» is a subject pronoun that is used to refer to oneself, and it requires a matching verb to ensure grammatical correctness. In this article, we will discuss the rules of subject-verb agreement for the pronoun «I,» along with some examples.

The basic rule of subject-verb agreement is that a singular subject takes a singular verb, and a plural subject takes a plural verb. However, when it comes to the pronoun «I,» the rule is slightly different. The verb that follows «I» should always be in its first-person form, regardless of the number of the subject.

For example, consider the following sentences:

— I am going to the store.

— We are going to the store.

In the first sentence, «I» is a singular subject, and the verb «am» is its first-person singular form. In the second sentence, «We» is a plural subject, and the verb «are» is its first-person plural form.

It is also essential to remember that the pronoun «I» should always come before the verb, not after it. For instance, writing «Am I going to the store?» is grammatically correct, whereas «I am going to the store, am?» is incorrect.

Furthermore, when using the pronoun «I» in a compound subject, it should be followed by a plural verb. For example:

— My sister and I are going to the beach.

In this sentence, «My sister and I» is a compound subject made up of two singular subjects, and the first-person plural verb «are» matches it correctly.

Lastly, when using the pronoun «I» in a question, it should be followed by the auxiliary verb «do» or «did.» For instance:

— Do I need to bring anything to the party?

— Did I leave my keys in the car?

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement for the pronoun «I» is all about using the correct first-person verb form and placing the subject before the verb. By following these simple rules, you can ensure that your writing is grammatically correct and easy to read.

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